Carl F Groupco launches enhanced Iron Guard cylinder

Leaders of the independent hardware distributor Carl F Groupco have added an enhanced variation of Federal’s Iron Guard three-star cylinder to the business’ portfolio. Advanced features include a patented firing pin mechanism which engages if the cylinder is snapped.

“The Iron Guard 3* cylinder has all the qualities you would expect from a three-star-accredited cylinder, plus additional benefits,” said John Crittenden, Carl F Groupco’s managing director. “I’m delighted to be stocking an enhanced variation that offers our customers more functionality and adds even more value.”

The cam of the enhanced Federal Iron Guard three-star cylinder will lock itself down if the cylinder is snapped, preventing unauthorised access via the cam and providing an extra layer of security. A trap pin feature further enhances security. In the event of attempted picking or bumping, the trap pin is fired into the plug chamber locking the plug and preventing access. In both scenarios, the cylinder can be safely operated from the inside.

This variant is non-handed; the sacrificial cut features on both the internal and external sides of the cylinder meaning that the same anti-snap protection is in place, no matter which direction the cylinder is fitted. For locksmiths and installers, the feature can reduce stock holding requirements.

“A horizontal keyway for the secure dimple cut key provides visual security to ward off intruders, as does the Kitemark that’s visible on the face of the cylinder,” a representative of Carl F explained. “It comes with five keys and a keycard so that keys can be registered and reordered securely. The cylinder has a nickel finish with brass barrel and is available as double, single and thumb-turn option,s as well as keyed-alike pairs.”

Carl F Groupco’s enhanced Iron Guard 3* cylinder is a TS007 three-star kitemarked cylinder that is Sold-Secure-Diamond-certified and Secured-by Design-accredited. The Iron Guard 3* cylinder joins Carl F Groupco’s range of premium-quality window and door hardware. For more information, visit this product page.

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