In the spirit of transparency

Dear Editor

In the spirit of transparency, back in Autumn DOORCO publicly set out our pricing strategy post-Brexit. While others took immediate action to hike prices, we pledged to keep an eye on the currency markets to see how things played out. With no signs of recovery however, this unfortunately resulted in us being forced to introduce a price surcharge. But unlike those suppliers who imposed a blanket price increase – some as high as 20% – we introduced a flexible surcharge index that we promised we’d keep under review and revise quarterly. We have now done just this and are pleased to announce we are in a position to reduce our surcharge on door blanks. From February 1st the currency surcharge will be 2% lower at 6.5%.

We are able to do this because we took time to construct and negotiate with suppliers a fair agreement to minimise the % increase we had to pass on. We hope this latest news demonstrates DOORCO’s ongoing commitment to transparency and fairness in what are challenging times for our industry.

Jayne Sullivan
operations director