GGF to demonstrate industry support at Fit 2023


In a bid to be more open, transparent and accessible, leaders of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and its associate bodies – Fensa, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), Installsure and Risa – are inviting this year’s Fit Show visitors to Stand T41. Visitors can expect to find out more about the ‘enormous number of initiatives and support services’ offered, according to the GGF’s representatives.

“The GGF group continually researches, develops and launches initiatives designed to provide members and non-members with valuable and tangible support,” said Tom Butler, head of sales and marketing. “The GGF and its sister organisations have also been responsible for launching pulse testing to assess trickle vent requirements on a property, which has been a huge help to installation businesses previously worried about the change in building regulations. The new glass recycling scheme is also a welcome addition to the already successful recycling programmes for PVC-U and aluminium frames.

“We invite Fit Show visitors to come and find out what we are about! We welcome the opportunity to actually meet the people we serve, who are at the coalface every day. Meeting people face-to-face allows both parties to understand each other better, so we want visitors to ‘come and press the flesh,’ to find out more about each of the organisations in the group, and how they work.”

The GGF’s officers believe that the Fit Show presents a rare opportunity for visitors to learn more about the organisations that represent the UK glass and glazing industry, and thousands of member companies. The Fit Show also provides a forum for visitors to discuss and book new and other services.

“The GGF group will have staff on hand throughout the Fit Show to discuss all of the initiatives and support services that it provides for every level of the glass and glazing industry,” added Tom. “So we hope the industry takes advantage of what will probably be the best opportunity we will have for a couple of years to meet and find out more about each other.”

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