Increase in turnover

winkhausA UK hardware specialist has reported a significant increase in turnover in the last quarter of 2013, placing it in a strong position going into 2014.

Winkhaus UK saw sales increase by more than 15% in quarter four last year, and with optimism surrounding the UK economy increasing, Winkhaus UK’s commercial director, Justin Harris, expects the company to perform even better this year.

Justin commented: “I would say that 2013 was an excellent year for Winkhaus UK, following five years of steady growth post-recession. Turnover remained strong throughout the tough times but the increase last year is a notable shift upwards with increased demands from all sectors.

,“The numbers hint at another very positive year in 2014, and we will continue to invest across all areas of the business to ensure that we and our customers remain market leaders in our respective fields.”

According to Justin, Winkhaus’ strong performance throughout the difficult economic times has been underpinned by demand for products such as its AV2 range of auto locks, which are used on applications from fire doors to top end entrance doors, with the AV2 Heritage and the new AV2 B electronic Lock.

Winkhaus also employs a series of technical specialists that work with its customers to provide what it claims is ‘unparalleled expertise and product knowledge’.

Justin said: “Many companies sold off their expertise during the recession, whereas we invested in IT, logistics, product development and most importantly retained our personnel to give the very best customer service and product innovation.”

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