Market share grows to 8% for fabricator

webbSpecialist aluminium fabricator CDW Systems claims it is set to end the year as a record breaker, following continued strong sales.

The good news follows a report by Palmer Market Research that identified aluminium market share has grown from 5% to 8% in the last couple of years.

CDW Systems is one of the companies to have benefited from the material’s burgeoning popularity and look set to post year-end trading figures that eclipse anything achieved previously.

Jerry Webb, managing director at CDW Systems, commented: “There is no doubt it has been a very good year for CDW Systems. It has not been without its challenges though, as we have had to recruit new staff and add a second shift on the factory floor. But to have ended 2014 as strong as we started is pleasing.”

On the Palmer Report itself, which is a yearly look at the domestic glazing market, Jerry said that the growth of aluminium can only be a good thing; and as it started from such a low base there is much more of the market to go at.

He commented: “Our own report into the aluminium sector earlier this year showed that domestic growth will continue, as more and more homeowners go for aluminium windows and doors.”

The report also stated that bi-folding doors failed to maintain the growth they saw in previous years and rather than increasing, the market fell overall by 7%.

“This part of the report surprised me as we have seen sales of bi-folding doors increase not decrease here at CDW Systems. This could be down to how established we are in the market, with our 22 years as a specialist aluminium fabricator potentially being a deciding factor when installers look for a supplier,” Jerry concluded.

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