Senior launches new, in-house paint finish

Leaders of Senior Architectural Systems have invested in an in-house powder coating facility to offer customers a more practical and cost-effective alternative to anodised aluminium. The Senior team can now offer a new ultra-matt powder paint coating from Akzo Nobel, which is marketed as achieving the same visual appearance as anodised aluminium but with a more consistent finish, superior colour retention and enhanced durability.

“At Senior we are proud to offer a wide range of specialist finishes in both RAL and limitless bespoke colours,” said James Keeling-Heane, sales director at Senior Architectural Systems. “As well as focusing on design flexibility, we have recently extended our in-house service to include more performance-based coatings, such as anti-bacterial and UV-resistant finishes, but we appreciate that many of our fabricator and specification clients still prefer the look of anodised aluminium. That’s why we wanted to ensure that this part of our service also benefited from the latest innovation and investment.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this new paint finish which emulates the look of anodised aluminium but provides a more consistent and durable finish. We are also proud that our aluminium systems will be used in conjunction with Akzo Nobel’s new coating on a new contract in Manchester. We will share more details of this scheme as work progresses.”

The new ultra-matt finish can achieve the same aesthetic appeal of anodised aluminium but with better consistency, particularly between joints, a representative of Senior explained. This has the extra advantage of allowing marks and scuffs to be repaired on site.

The finish can also offer up to five times more colour retention than standard coatings, and is competitively priced, we have been told. The ultra-matt coating can also help reduce the embedded carbon calculation associated with the adonising process as it is less time intensive, produces less waste and is solvent-free.

As the Senior team can undertake all powder coating requirements at its Yorkshire facility without the need to outsource, embedded carbon through transportation can be reduced by consolidating deliveries. The risk of delays to project timelines is also reduced.

Senior Architectural Systems is marketed as being the UK’s largest privately owned aluminium fenestration solutions provider. For more information about the business visit this website.