Senior’s Pure and simple solution to Part L

Senior Architectural Systems is well placed to help its customers achieve the new lower U-value targets required by Approved Document Part L of the building regulations and the new Future Homes Standard, it claims, thanks to its established, thermally-efficient Pure aluminium window system. The company’s patented Pure window system has the ability to achieve U-values as low as 0.71W/m²K when calculated as a commercial CEN Standard window. Not only does this exceed current regulations, it comfortably meets the expected U-value target of 0.8W/m²k, which is likely to come into effect in mid-2022, following publication of the new guidance towards the end of this year.

The unique construction of the UK patented system features a high-performance expanded polyurethane (PUR) thermal barrier, which gives the Pure system exceptional thermal performance, the business claims. As well as helping to prevent heat loss, to reduce energy consumption, the Pure system also offers cradle-to-cradle recyclability: even the PUR thermal barrier is able to be reused, with no requirement for landfill. The impressive environmental credentials of the system have led to it being widely specified across various sectors, including on a large number of educational buildings, where the need to reduce carbon calculations and improve efficiency is paramount.

The attractive, slim, aluminium frame of Senior’s Pure window system also makes it suited for use in residential homes, the business’ representatives claim, and also suitable for meeting the new requirements of the pending Future Homes Standard. Set to be introduced in 2025, the Future Homes Standard will require all new-build homes to embrace low carbon heating and achieve high levels of energy efficiency.

James Keeling-Heane, Senior’s sales director, said: “The unique construction of the Pure system and its current ability to meet future U-value targets puts it in a class of its own. But we’ve also worked closely with our supply chain to ensure that as a product, it is still easy to fabricate and install. No special tooling is required, it’s competitively priced and as a system, it’s incredibly easy to maintain which makes it an ideal long-term investment.

“It was always our aim to create a ‘future-proof’ range of fenestration products, to help minimise the impact of large regulatory changes. We’re confident that our Pure aluminium window system will continue to not only meet, but exceed expectations.”

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