Recycling & Green Initiatives

Inspired by Veka Recycling

Scotia Windows and Doors' partnership with Veka Recycling has spurred the business to further reduce its carbon footprint

Rehau leads on sustainability

Window profile supplier Rehau has been named a sustainability and climate leader

Consistent high quality from a reliable source’

'High quality and dependable' recycled pellet is Veka Recycling's offer at PRE

Recovinyl: Save money and send us your waste PVC windows

Recovinyl urges window companies to recycle waste windows

Mumford and Wood goes carbon-neutral

Essex-based Mumford and Wood has been awarded carbon-neutral status

The Sash Window Workshop reduces carbon emissions

The Sash Window Workshop managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 39% last year in comparison to 2019

“Recycling has put us in an incredibly strong position”

Neil Evans, managing director of the systems company Veka, provides a business update

“Sustainability should be built in,” poll reveals

UK homeowners expect built in sustainability for their windows and doors, new research suggests

Ready for RWM

Veka Recycling set to exhibit at efficiency and waste management show, 15-17 September 2015

OnLevel’s ‘green’ commitment

OnLevel says it has made a commitment to the environment by investing in hybrid cars for its sales staff