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Oversized ambitions with TuffX’s Ambi-Aqua

TuffX Processed Glass offers oversized glass with a projection of up to 4,000mm

The future of glass?

NSG Group and Cambridge University collaborating on ground-breaking new glass

‘Evolution, not revolution’ from Inagas

Inagas continues ‘history of development and innovation’ with brand new SmartSpeed range

Eyrise launches dynamic privacy glass

Eyrise due to launch instant privacy glass

Guardian invests more than £3m to upgrade UK production line

Guardian adds SunGuard production to UK facility after coater upgrade

Homeowners grateful for TuffX Processed Glass

TuffX glass gives Cornish home ‘the perfect modern look’

Clayton brings switchable SageGlass to the UK

Smartglass Dynamic will enable homeowners to control sunlight without shades or blinds

Steven signs

Cornwall Glass appoints Steven Marques as sales manager

Saint-Gobain Glass launches new low ‘E’ glass

Saint-Gobain Glass appeals to broader home improvement market with SGG E-clear A

Guardian Glass completes first pull of new float line

Poland plant said to represent Guardian’s largest float line