Q-Smart take up grows

Hardware manufacturer VBH, the company behind the GreenteQ brand, has announced that customers who added the Q-Smart electronic door handle to their door furniture options have seen increased sales recently. Q-Smart is a standalone product that enables users to gain entry to their home without the need of a traditional key. Instead, users can use a fingerprint, contact card or a phone app to gain entry. Locking is carried out by simply lifting a lever.

Temporary or permanent ‘keys’ can be sent to anyone, from anywhere, via the smartphone app, which VBH representatives say is ideal for granting access to carers, or when family members need to be let in unexpectedly. Companies that buy Q-Smart have the option of joining the Q-Smart Network, a list of companies that end users are directed to if they contact VBH for a Q-Smart quote or installation.

VBH has invested in direct marketing of Q-Smart, to help provide free leads to the network’s members. Activities have included localised advertising and telesales campaigns, advertising in national consumer titles and even sponsorship of the 2022 British Touring Car Championship.

Gary Gleeson, VBH’s marketing manager, said: “The vast majority of our products mean absolutely nothing to the general public as they are just components on a window or door. Q-Smart is an exception though, as it is a standalone item. Anyone can easily see what it does and what benefits it brings.

“With that in mind, we decided to support our customer base by carrying out some B2C marketing, in a similar way to what we do with our Q-secure consumer security guarantee. We have picked up quite a few sales as a result, which is great for us and great for the members of the Q-Smart network.

“Many customers have built on the work that we are doing and have installed a Q-Smart in their own showroom. They are reporting that Q-Smart really is an attention grabber. We would recommend that installers talk to us about getting a sample in place as soon as possible.”

Companies that wish to join the Q-Smart network should email VBH at marketing@vbhgb.com. Interested people can also engage with the business on Twitter, using @vbhgb.

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