SBD awards Secure Connected Device accreditation for Yale SensCheck


Representatives of Secured by Design (SBD) have awarded Secure Connected Device accreditation for Yale’s SensCheck door and window sensors range, Yale has reported. The sensors underwent rigorous testing to ensure that they function correctly and that they have the required standard for both physical and cyber security attributes, according to Yale’s representatives.

The range uses smart technology which allows users to be notified via Yale’s smart living home app if doors and windows are open, closed, locked or unlocked, business leaders have said. As well as reporting on the status of a door or window, SensCheck can reportedly be set to give a chime when the window or door status changes. It is marketed as being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Paul Atkinson, Yale’s managing director, said: “Having recently achieved the Secure Connected Device accreditation for our Yale Conexis L1 smart lock, we were delighted that the Yale SensCheck door and window sensor range has now also received the same endorsement from SBD. The backing of this reputable, trusted independent initiative helps to reinforce to homeowners that our products have been tested to highest standards.”

SBD launched Secure Connected Device accreditation this year for companies providing internet of things (IOT)-connected products. SBD’s IOT device assessment framework identifies the level of risk associated with an IOT device and its ecosystem, providing recommendations on the appropriate certification routes, according to SBD’s representatives.

Michelle Kradolfer, SBD’s IOT technical officer, added: “Yale was one of the first companies to achieve the Secure Connected Device accreditation with their Conexis L1 smart door lock. To have followed this in such quick succession with the SensCheck accreditation is a fantastic achievement. We hope other companies will take note and follow in Yale’s footsteps in developing IOT products safely for the UK market.”