Tommy Trinder analysis finds 59% of PVC-U window jobs are smooth white

Smooth white windows are in decline, according to analysis of more than 270,000 PVC-U casement jobs quoted by installers via the software business Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint platform in 2022. According to the Tommy Trinder team’s data, 59% of PVC-U casements quoted in the year were un-foiled.

Trinder colourGrey continued to dominate in 2022, with anthracite (10%) and agate (6%) still topping the charts. Overall, the Tommy Trinder data paints a picture of a highly fragmented colour pallet, with installers presenting a dizzying array of choices to homeowners.

“Long gone are the days when windows were white and handles were gold,” said Chris Brunsdon, Tommy Trinder’s CEO. “The activity from Framepoint users in 2022 suggests we have truly become a rainbow nation when it comes to fenestration; a mind-blowing 1,841
different colour combinations were quoted on PVC-U casements during the year.”

Traditional woodgrains continued a decline, with only Rosewood (4%) seeing significant volumes quoted, according to the Tommy Trinder data. Oak trended upwards during the year – Golden (1%) and Irish (1%) – with Amaranth, English, Natural, Coriander and Cinnamon also making an appearance in the chart.

“Such vast choice is wonderful for the homeowner but it does mean great complexity for the installers,” Chris added. “Framepoint users tell us that being able to touch and show clients exactly how a window will look in a variety of colourways has become a vital part of their sales process. Modelling a window on the house in full photo-realistic quality, then backing that up with full colour, photo-realistic inside and outside views of the product on quotes and contracts not only wows customers, it also removes any room for error.”

The Tommy Trinder survey also highlighted the growing popularity of flush casements. In 2022 around a quarter of PVC-U windows quoted by installers on Framepoint had flush sashes. Smooth white was even less popular as a finish on PVC-U flush casements, accounting for just 19% of all windows quoted.

A meagre 21% of all flush casements were foiled white or cream. Agate Grey (15%) was more popular than Anthracite (12%) in the more traditional window form.

Agate Grey outselling anthracite on flush sash
Commenting on the scope and accuracy of the data, Chris said: “Use of the app is growing rapidly. We have over 400 window firms using the app, so it’s solid representation of the market. However, it’s likely that our typical subscriber’s product mix is somewhat skewed towards the top end. Upselling occurs naturally when it’s quick and easy to show off premium features, such as foils, dual colours, dummy vents, mechanical joints, flush casements, surface-mounted bars etc. It stands to reason that Framepoint users will sell more of these value-added products.”

Has Chris got any insights to this year’s trends? “My money is on the ongoing rise of various oak finishes,” he said. “And probably 50 more shades of grey!”

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