Deceuninck shortlisted for two G23 Awards


Judges of this year’s G-Awards (G23) have shortlisted Deceuninck as a finalist in both the Sustainability Initiative of the Year and Promotional Campaign of the Year categories.

Since winning the Sustainability Initiative of the Year G Award last year, the Deceuninck team has lowered the carbon footprint of its operations by 21%, compared to a 2021 baseline. To support fabricator and installer businesses in becoming more sustainable, the Deceuninck team has also launched energy and carbon footprint calculators. Additionally, they developed own-brandable marketing tools.

The company’s marketing tools include sustainability brochures, website content and social posts, sustainability explainer videos, presentations and point-of-sale tools. The creation of this material has supported the company’s entry to the G23 Promotional Campaign of the Year award category.

“Sustainability and the journey to net zero will define our sector for the next decade,” said Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck’s managing director. “We are working hard to lower our carbon footprint and to lessen the impact of our business while also investing in the creation of tools, which support Deceuninck fabricators in doing the same. This includes giving fabricators and installers the marketing and lead generation tools to convert a track record on sustainability into a commercial advantage.”

Independent research commissioned by the Deceuninck team, conducted by YouGov, has revealed that lowering carbon footprint is a factor in purchasing decision for almost 70% of UK homeowners. Separate research by Deceuninck has indicated that, while fabricators and installers want to lower their carbon footprint, many struggle to know where to start. and are put off by the complexity involved in the process.

To find out more about Deceuninck’s carbon calculator, click on this link to our earlier report. For more information about the company, call 01249 816 969 or visit the systems house’s website.

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